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Directory Listing


Below are the 18 members of the Engineering and Facility Services unit (NRS-ENG). Click here to view the entire R&D Directory.

Gaboric, Richard B.Custodial Worker740-368-0058OH
Sindt, Richard D.Environmental Engineer651-649-5120MN
Cleaver, AaronFacilities Operations Specialist603-868-7602NH
Troumbly, EricFacilities Operations Specialist218-326-7129MN
Meyer, Patrick R.Facility Operation Specialist304-478-2000 x123WV
Hicks, ArthurFacility Operations Specialist740-368-0153OH
Danfield, William R.Facility Operations Specialist715-362-1133WI
DesRochers, JoeFacility Operations Specialist906-482-6303 x15MI
Wininger, John G.Facility Operations Specialist304-285-1549WV
Cooper, StephenFacility Operations Specialist651-649-5121MN
Kazimer, MichaelFleet Assistant610-557-4047PA
Cho, SokjaeGroup Leader610-557-4120PA
Claxton, Eric A.Laborer203-230-4302CT
Muhammad, QadirMaintenance Mechanic203-230-4346CT
Kidd, John A.Maintenance Worker304-431-2700WV
Nicholson, S. DarrellMaintenance Worker304-431-2703WV
Smith, Elizabeth (Liz)Safety and Occupational Health Manager610-557-4021PA
Whitehouse, MicheleSupport Services Specialist
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Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.