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Directory Listing


Below are the 32 members of the Climate, Fire, and Carbon Cycle Sciences unit (NRS-6). Click here to view the entire R&D Directory.

Lewis, GeorgeBiological Science Tech.610-557-4032PA
Patterson, MatthewBiological Science Tech.302-798-3311PA
Hom, John °Biological Scientist610-557-4097PA
Brandt, Leslie °Climate Change Specialist651-649-5016MN
Handler, Stephen °Climate Change Specialist906-482-6303 x21MI
Potvin, LynetteEcologist906-482-6303 x19MI
Cole, JasonGIS Data Services Specialist
R&D Affiliations:

The Strategic Foresight Group NRS-15

McCullough, KevinGeographer
R&D Affiliations:

The Strategic Foresight Group NRS-15

Bian, Xindi (Randy) °Meteorologist517-884-8050MI
Lane, ErinNatural Resource Specialist603-393-0372NH
Scherzer, AmyPlant Physiologist740-368-0072OH
Evans, Robert °Plant Physiologist603-868-7606NH
Hollinger, David °Plant Physiologist and Project Leader603-868-7673NH
McGrane, Susan °Program Specialist603-868-7666NH
Heckman, Katherine A. °Research Biologist925-422-9556CA
Johnson, Kristofer °Research Biologist610-557-4115PA
Wayson, Craig °Research Ecologist610-557-4073PA
Swanston, Chris °Research Ecologist906-482-6303 x20MI
Warren, Matthew W. °Research Ecologist603-868-7744NH
Lilleskov, Erik °Research Ecologist And Director'S Representative906-482-6303 x22MI
Valentine, Harry °Research Forester603-868-7671NH
Gove, Jeffrey °Research Forester603-868-7667NH
Clark, Ken °Research Forester609-894-0325NJ
Skowronski, Nicholas °Research Forester304-285-1507WV
Charney, Joseph J. (Jay) °Research Meteorologist517-884-8052MI
Heilman, Warren E. °Research Meteorologist517-884-8063MI
Pan, Yude °Research Scientist610-557-4205PA
Gallagher, MichaelResearch Technician and Site Superintendant609-894-8614NJ
Janowiak, Maria °Scientist, Climate Change Adaptation and Carbon Management906-482-6303 x29MI
Krause, KatrinaSocial Science Analyst443-543-5383MD
Gardin, Diane G.Support Services Specialist517-884-8060MI
Peduzzi, Alicia °Techniques Analyst801-625-5037UT


° Signifies R&D Researcher.
Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.