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Directory Listing


Below are the 32 members of the Sustaining Forests in a Changing Environment unit (NRS-2). Click here to view the entire R&D Directory.

Fox, TimothyBiological Research Technician740-368-0044OH
Jolliff, JoanBiological Science Tech.740-368-0151OH
Smithbauer, JulieBiological Science Tech.814-837-7349PA
Miller, LeviBiological Science Technician740-596-4238OH
White, JohnClerk814-563-1040PA
Weldon, CorinneComputer Assistant814-563-1040PA
Dickinson, Matthew °Ecologist740-368-0096OH
Matthews, StephenEcologist740-368-0156OH
Sanford, GregForestry Tech.814-563-1040PA
Hanson, JoshuaForestry Tech.814-563-1040PA
Borovicka, WilliamForestry Technician740-596-4238OH
Peters, Matthew °GIS Technician740-368-0063OH
Iverson, Louis °Landscape Ecologist740-368-0097OH
Thomasma, ScottManagement Analyst
R&D Affiliations:

Forest Inventory & Analysis NRS-FIA

Rebbeck, Joanne °Plant Physiologist740-368-0054OH
Stout, Susan °Project Leader / Research Forester814-563-1040PA
Prasad, Anantha °Research Ecologist740-368-0103OH
Royo, Alejandro °Research Ecologist814-563-1040PA
Hoover, Coeli °Research Ecologist603-868-7633NH
Pinchot, Leila °Research Ecologist
R&D Affiliations:

Genetics, Biological Control, and Management of Invasive Species NRS-4

Knight, Kathleen °Research Ecologist
R&D Affiliations:

Genetics, Biological Control, and Management of Invasive Species NRS-4

Hutchinson, Todd °Research Ecologist740-368-0064OH
Ristau, Todd °Research Ecologist814-563-1040PA
Brose, Patrick °Research Forester814-563-1040PA
Horsley, StephenResearch Plant Physiologist Emeritus814-563-1040PA
Stoleson, Scott °Research Wildlife Biologist814-563-1040PA
Twery, MarkScientist Emeritus802-656-1716VT
Hosack, DavidSupervisory Forest Technician / Forest Manager740-596-4238OH
Wiltsie, ErnieSupervisory Forestry Technician814-563-1040PA
Long, Robert P. °Supervisory Research Plant Pathologist814-563-1040PA
Clevenger, HerbSupport Services Specialist814-563-1047PA
Ordiway, Linda814-563-1040PA


° Signifies R&D Researcher.
Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.