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Heat Resistant Materials and Emergency Fire Shelter Made Therefrom

fire shelter schematic

Patent Status

Patent Numbers: 6,881,506 ; 7,084,083; and 7,128,207

Dates Issued: April 19. 2005, August 1, 2006, & October 31, 2006

Technology Description

An emergency fire shelter is inevitably deployed under emergency situations when time is of the essence. However, many of the prior fire shelters required the removal of the fire shelter from its carrying case. This was hampered by the firefighter dropping his or her backpack to obtain greater mobility and to jettison dangerous combustible materials such as fuses. Accordingly, an emergency fire shelter that is easier and faster to deploy was needed.

The present invention relates to a novel emergency fire shelter constructed of heat and fire resistant materials. The present invention also relates to a kit containing an emergency fire shelter that can be quickly deployed in the event of danger from a wildland fire. The kit allows the emergency fire shelter to be removed from the pouch by pulling the handle to release the fastener and extract the fire shelter unit from the pouch. These inventions describe a new heat and fire resistant material and fire shelter. The material is made of a woven silica-based cloth layered in several possible combinations with foil and fiberglass cloth layers. The layers can be arranged in a variety of sequences to minimize the thermal radiation to the inside of the material, but a foil layer must always be the outermost layer to provide protection from radiant heat. The shape of the fire shelter is a half cylinder with 1/4 sphere at each end. The shelter is contained in an easy-open polyvinyl bag which provides for quick removal and deployment of the fire shelter.

Potential Commercial Uses

This emergency fire shelter quickly and easily deploys and is easy to transport.

Licensees and/or industrial cooperators are being sought for this invention.

Inventor/Project Leader

Anthony Petrilli
U.S.D.A. Foreset Service
Missoula Technology and Development Center (MTDC)
5785 Hwy. 10 West
Missoula, MT 598089361
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