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Patent cover pages

The Patent Program helps convert Forest Service research into usable information and technologies that benefit both the American public and industry. Patents are an effective mode of technology transfer, as they make technologies more appealing to the marketplace due to the exclusivity they offer. Technology transfer leads to increased productivity, increased industrial innovation, enhanced U.S. industrial competitiveness, job creation, and improved and lower cost public services.

For an overview, see Patent & Licensing Program . For Forest Service patented technologies, see Patented Technologies.


Fiber Panel

Eco-friendly Fiber-based Panel Technology Licensed

Researchers at Forest Products Laboratory have developed panels made from forest residues, recycled fiber, and agricultural by-products in conjunction with Noble Environmental Technologies Inc., a leading sustainable materials developer and manufacturer.


Biofuel Collaboration Takes Shape

A few years ago Forest Service researchers started a collaboration with EdeniQ, a clean technology company serving the global biofuels industry.