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Research Highlights


The Research and Development (R&D) deputy area of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service works at the forefront of science to improve the health and use of our Nation's forests and grasslands. Research has been part of the Forest Service mission since the agency's inception in 1905. Today, more than 500 Forest Service researchers work in a range of biological, physical, and social science fields to promote sustainable management of the Nation's diverse forests and rangelands.

Their research covers a lot of territory by maintaining programs in all 50 States, U.S. territories, and U.S. commonwealths. The work has a steady focus on informing policy and land-management decisions, whether it addresses invasive insects, degraded river ecosystems, or sustainable ways to harvest forest products.
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Research Highlights

Principal Investigators

Absher, Jim (PSW,3) Abt, Karen Lee (SRS,1) Adams, Mary Beth (NRS,1)
Alig, Ralph (PNW,1) Arango, Rachel (FPL,2) Arendt, Wayne (IITF,2)
Aubry, Keith (PNW,1) Bailey, Amey (NRS,1) Barbour, Jamie (PNW,1)
Bauer, Leah (NRS,1) Bengston, David N. (NRS,1) Bentley, James (SRS,1)
Bentrup, Gary (SRS,1) Bergman, Richard, PhD (FPL,3) Bian, Xindi (Randy) (NRS,1)
Bilek, Ted (FPL,1) Birdsey, Richard (NRS,1) Black, Anne (RMRS,1)
Block, William M. (RMRS,5) Bottoms, Rick (PSW,1) Bowker, J. Michael (SRS,1)
Brackley, Allen M. M. (PNW,1) Brandeis, Tom (SRS,1) Brandt, Leslie (NRS,1)
Brockway, Dale (SRS,2) Brown, Thomas C. (RMRS,1) Buford, Marilyn (WO,1)
Bytnerowicz, Andrzej (PSW,3) Cai, Zhiyong (FPL,10) Calkin, Dave E. (RMRS,1)
Campbell, John (NRS,1) Campbell, Lindsay (NRS,1) Carll, Charlie G. (FPL,2)
Castellano, Michael (NRS,1) Charney, Joseph J. (Jay) (NRS,2) Chavez, Deborah J. (PSW,1)
Chen, Shyh-Chin (PSW,2) Clark, Ken (NRS,4) Clark, Stacy (SRS,1)
Clausen, Carol A. (FPL,3) Clemons, Craig M. (FPL,4) Cohen, Warren (PNW,2)
Collins, Brandon M. (PSW,2) Conner, Ali (SRS,1) Cordell, H. Ken (SRS,4)
Cordell, Susan (PSW,3) Cronn, Richard (PNW,2) Crow, Tom (RMRS,3)
Cullen, Daniel (FPL,2) Cushman, Samuel A. (RMRS,1) D'Amico, Vince (NRS,1)
D'Amore, David V. (PNW,2) De Steven, Diane (SRS,2) DeRose, R. Justin (RMRS,1)
Dey, Daniel C. (NRS,2) Dietenberger, Mark A. (FPL,4) Donner, Deahn (NRS,2)
Dumroese, Kasten (RMRS,1) Edwards, Pamela (NRS,1) Edwards, Richard T. (PNW,1)
Elder, Thomas (SRS,2) Elliot, William J. (RMRS,1) Emery, Marla (NRS,1)
Engert, Jan M. (RMRS,3) Erickson, Heather (PNW,1) Falk, Robert H. (FPL,1)
Fenn, Mark E. (PSW,3) Fettig, Chris (PSW,1) Finch, Deborah M. (RMRS,2)
Finney, Mark A. (RMRS,2) Fischer, Paige (PNW,1) Fisher, Cherie LeBlanc (NRS,1)
Frankel, Susan J. (PSW,2) Fraver, Shawn (NRS,1) Fried, Jeremy S. (PNW,1)
Frihart, Charles R. (FPL,4) Fujioka, Francis M. (PSW,1) Gallagher, Michael (NRS,1)
Ganey, Joseph L. (RMRS,1) Giardina, Christian P. (PSW,1) Gillette, Nancy E. (PSW,2)
Glaeser, Jessie A. (NRS,2) Glass, Samuel V. (FPL,4) Gobster, Paul H. (NRS,2)
Gonzalez, Grizelle (IITF,4) Gonzalez-Caban, Armando (PSW,2) Goodrick, Scott (SRS,1)
Gormanson, Dale D. (NRS,1) Gould, William A. (IITF,4) Grant, Gordon (PNW,3)
Green, Frederick (FPL,2) Greenberg, Katie H. (SRS,1) Greenberg, Katie H. (NRS,1)
Greene, John L. (SRS,1) Groover, Andrew T. (PSW,2) Grove, Morgan (NRS,1)
Guldin, James M. (SRS,1) Guldin, James M. (IITF,1) Guo, Qinfeng (SRS,1)
Gustafson, Eric J. (NRS,1) Haight, Robert G. (NRS,4) Hammel, Kenneth E. (FPL,1)
Hanula, James L. (SRS,1) Hardy, Colin C. (RMRS,1) Hargrove, William (SRS,2)
Harrington, Connie (PNW,1) Harrington, Timothy B., Ph.D. (PNW,2) Harvey, Bret C. (PSW,1)
Healey, Sean P. (RMRS,1) Heartsill Scalley, Tamara (NRS,1) Heartsill Scalley, Tamara (IITF,3)
Heath, Linda S. (NRS,1) Heilman, Warren E. (NRS,2) Helmer, Eileen H. (IITF,2)
Hennon, Paul (PNW,1) Hermansen, Annie (SRS,1) Hiremath, Shivanand (NRS,1)
Hirth, Kolby (FPL,1) Holmes, Thomas P. (SRS,1) Houtman, Carl J. (FPL,1)
Hudak, Andrew T. (RMRS,1) Hughes, Flint (PSW,1) Hunt, Christopher G. (FPL,1)
Hunt, John F. (FPL,2) Hutchinson, Todd (NRS,1) Ibach, Rebecca E. (FPL,2)
Ince, Peter J. (FPL,2) Jakes, Joseph (FPL,1) Jakes, Pamela J. (NRS,2)
Jeffries, Thomas W. (FPL,1) Jenkins, Katie (FPL,1) Johnson Gaither, Cassandra (SRS,3)
Johnson, Tracy (PSW,1) Jolly, Matt (RMRS,1) Jovan, Sarah, Dr (PNW,1)
Keane II, Robert E. (RMRS,1) Keena, Melody (NRS,2) Kenefic, Laura (NRS,1)
Kerns, Becky K. (PNW,1) King, David (NRS,1) Kirker, Grant (FPL,1)
Klepzig, Kier D. (SRS,3) Kline, Jeff (PNW,1) Knapp, Eric E. (PSW,2)
Kolka, Randy (NRS,1) Kretschmann, David E. (FPL,1) Lake, Frank (PSW,1)
Landres, Peter B. (RMRS,1) Larkin, Sim (PNW,2) Lebow, Patricia K. (FPL,1)
Lebow, Stan (FPL,4) Lee, Danny C. (SRS,1) Lind, Amy J. (PSW,3)
Lindner, Daniel (NRS,2) Liu, Yongqiang (SRS,2) Loeb, Susan C. (SRS,1)
Lowell, Eini C. (PNW,1) Luce, Charles H. (RMRS,1) Lugo, Ariel (IITF,1)
Lundquist, John (PNW,1) Marcot, Bruce G. (PNW,2) Mason, Andy (WO,4)
Matthews, Kathleen R. (PSW,1) Matthews, Stephen (NRS,1) McCaffrey, Sarah M. (NRS,2)
McCollum, Dan W. (RMRS,1) McCormick, Frank H. (RMRS,4) McGaughey, Robert (PNW,1)
McGinley, Kathleen (IITF,2) McGuinness, Barbara (NRS,3) McPherson, Greg (PSW,3)
Mckeever, David B. (FPL,1) Mcnulty, Steve (SRS,1) Meyer, Susan E. (RMRS,1)
Michler, Charles H. (NRS,1) Miller, Carol L. (RMRS,2) Miller, James H. (SRS,2)
Miniat, Chelcy F. (SRS,1) Minocha, Rakesh (NRS,1) Moon, Robert J. (FPL,3)
Moser, W. Keith (NRS,1) Mowrer, Hobart T. (RMRS,1) Munoz, Tischa A. (IITF,1)
Musselman, Robert (Bob) C. (RMRS,2) Nelson, C. Dana (SRS,2) Nelson, Mark D. (NRS,2)
Nislow, Keith (NRS,1) Norman, Steve (SRS,1) North, Malcolm P. (PSW,2)
Nowak, David (NRS,3) O'Brien, Joseph (SRS,1) O'Dell, Jane (FPL,1)
Olson, Deanna ("Dede") H. (PNW,2) Ortega, Yvette K. (RMRS,1) Ortiz-Santana, Beatriz (NRS,1)
Ottmar, Roger D. (PNW,1) Page-Dumroese, Deborah S. (RMRS,1) Pan, Yude (NRS,2)
Pardo, Linda (NRS,1) Parks, Sean A. (RMRS,1) Pattison, Robert (PNW,1)
Pearson, Dean E. (RMRS,1) Perry, Charles H. (Hobie) (NRS,1) Perry, Roger W. (SRS,1)
Peterson, Charles (PNW,1) Peterson, David L. (PNW,2) Poland, Therese M. (NRS,2)
Potter, Brian (PNW,1) Preisler, Haiganoush K. (PSW,1) Prestemon, Jeffrey (SRS,3)
Progar, Robert (PNW,1) Raish, Carol B. (RMRS,1) Ralph, C. J. (PSW,1)
Rammer, Douglas R. (FPL,1) Ramos, Olga (IITF,1) Raphael, Martin (PNW,1)
Rebbeck, Joanne (NRS,1) Reeves, Gordon (PNW,1) Reid, Leslie M. (PSW,1)
Richardson, Bryce A. (RMRS,1) Riggan, Philip J. (PSW,1) Ristau, Todd (NRS,1)
Rorig, Miriam (PNW,1) Ross, Robert J. (FPL,4) Royo, Alejandro A. (NRS,3)
Rudie, Alan W. (FPL,3) Rummer, Robert (SRS,2) Runyon, Justin B. (RMRS,2)
Rustad, Lindsey (NRS,1) Sabo, Ronald C. (FPL,3) Saenz, Daniel (SRS,1)
Schoettle, Anna W. (RMRS,1) Schuler, Thomas (NRS,1) Scott, D. Andrew (SRS,1)
Seybold, Steven J. (PSW,1) Shaw, Nancy L. (RMRS,1) Shifley, Stephen R. (NRS,2)
Simpson, Jim (PSW,1) Skinner, Carl N. (PSW,3) Skowronski, Nicholas (NRS,3)
Slavicek, Jim (NRS,1) Smith, Jane E. (PNW,1) Smith, Kevin T. (NRS,1)
Snyder, Stephanie (NRS,2) Spetich, Marty (SRS,1) Spriggs, Perdita B. (SRS,1)
Squires, John R. (RMRS,1) Stanturf, John A. (SRS,2) Stark, Nicole M. (FPL,3)
Stewart, Susan I. (NRS,1) Stoleson, Scott (NRS,1) Sturtevant, Brian R. (NRS,1)
Sun, Ge (SRS,2) Swanson, Cindy S. S. (RMRS,5) Swanston, Chris (NRS,4)
Thompson, Craig M. (PSW,1) Thompson, Frank R. (NRS,1) Thompson, Matthew P. (RMRS,1)
Trettin, Carl C. (SRS,1) Tshabalala, Mandla A. (FPL,2) Twery, Mark (NRS,1)
Ulyshen, Michael (SRS,1) Urbanski, Shawn P. (RMRS,1) Valentine, Harry (NRS,1)
Van Bloem, Skip (IITF,2) Venette, Robert C. (NRS,1) Wacker, James P. (FPL,2)
Waddell, Karen (PNW,1) Waldrop, Tom (SRS,2) Wang, Xiping (FPL,4)
Warren, Steve D. (RMRS,1) Watson, Alan E. (RMRS,2) Wear, David N. (SRS,1)
Weaver, Peter (IITF,1) Weise, David R. (PSW,1) Weller, Ted (PSW,1)
Westphal, Lynne M. (NRS,2) White, Robert H. (FPL,4) Wiedenhoeft, Alex C. (FPL,1)
Wiemann, Michael C. (FPL,1) Wilson, Michael J. (RMRS,3) Winter, Patricia L. (PSW,4)
Woodall, Christopher W. (NRS,3) Woodward, Bessie (FPL,1) Wright, Jessica W. (PSW,3)
Yamasaki, Mariko (NRS,1) Yang, Vina (FPL,2) Yelle, Daniel (FPL,2)
Young, Michael K. (RMRS,1) Youngblood, Andy (PNW,3) Zalesny, Ronald S., Jr. (NRS,3)
Zelinka, Samuel L. (FPL,4) Zhu, J.Y. (FPL,1) Zimmerman, Patrick L. (NRS,1)
Zimmerman, Tom (RMRS,1) Zipperer, Wayne C. (SRS,1)

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