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Photo of Deer browsing exerts top-down selection on plant communities, which over time ricochets back up the trophic web to affect insects and birds. Forestry Sciences Laboratory, Irvine, PA
ID: 315
Long-Term Differences in Forests With Different Deer Densities

Thirty years after a study on the effects of deer on forest ecosystems established new forest stands at deer densities ranging from 10 to 64 dee ...

Principal Investigator : Todd Ristau

Wildlife and Fish
Resource Management and Use
Photo of Ecoregions of Pennsylvania color-coded by the levels of similarity found between overstory and understory tree species composition in the Pennsylvania Regeneration Study data of 2001-2005. Todd Ristau, USDA Forest Service
ID: 655
Pennsylvania Regeneration Study Assesses Overstory and Understory Tree Species Communities

In 2001, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Forest Service's Forest Inventory & Analysis (FIA) program launched the "Pennsylvania Regeneration ...

Principal Investigator : Todd Ristau

Inventory and Monitoring2014NRS
Photo of One of the common ground beetles Pterostichus melanarius that responded to lepidopteran outbreaks. Todd Ristau, USDA Forest Service
ID: 495
Scientists Study Long-term Response of Ground Beetle Communities to an Operational Herbicide Application

Ground beetles comprise a large and diverse group of mostly predatory beetles that have long been recognized as a useful barometer of ecosystem ...

Principal Investigator : Todd Ristau

Resource Management and Use
Wildlife and Fish