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ID: 685
Delimiting the invaded range of the goldspotted oak borer, a threat to red oaks in California and Oregon

The goldspotted oak borer, Agrilus auroguttatus, traveled in infested firewood from southeastern Arizona into southern California where it is ki ...

Principal Investigator : Steven J. Seybold

Invasive Species2014PSW

ID: 377
Monitoring Tool for the Insect Vector of Thousand Cankers Disease of Walnut

A newly discovered pheromone can be used to detect the insect vector of thousand cankers disease of walnut. Intermediate and low population den ...

Principal Investigator : Steven J. Seybold

Invasive Species2011PSW

ID: 539
Scientists Develop Successful Lure to Attrack Beetle That Causes Thousand Cankers Disease in Walnut Trees

In response to the threat posed by the walnut twig beetle, which spreads thousand cankers disease in walnut trees, the Forest Service's Pacific ...

Principal Investigator : Steven J. Seybold

Invasive Species2013PSW