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ID: 475
New Information Will Help Eradicate Asian Longhorned Beetles

Eradication efforts against Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) rely on knowledge of the basic biology and behavior of this insect. Forest Service sci ...

Principal Investigator : Melody Keena

Invasive Species2013NRS

ID: 33
Strong Demand for New Tool for Detecting Asian Longhorn Beetle

Beetle traps are now being used in 14 States and three countries

Principal Investigator : Melody Keena

Invasive Species2012NRS

ID: 197
Trap for Detecting Asian Longhorned Beetle in the United States

Development of an operationally effective trap has been a goal of the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) eradication program since the first individu ...

Principal Investigator : Melody Keena

Invasive Species2010NRS