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ID: 277
Aspen forest trends in the Interior West

Aspen death in parts of the Interior West, including Colorado and Utah, has been alarming in recent years. While loss of aspen in localized area ...

Principal Investigator : Michael J. Wilson

Resource Management and Use2010RMRS

ID: 271
National Land Cover Database (NLCD) 2011 percent tree canopy product

Forest Inventory and Analysis Program scientists throughout the country are collaborating with the Remote Sensing Applications Center to develop ...

Principal Investigator : Michael J. Wilson

Inventory and Monitoring2010RMRS

ID: 249
Using timber-survey data to assess habitat of the threatened Mexican spotted owl

The Mexican spotted owl's southwestern roosting habitat has increased significantly on public land, is almost disappearing on private land, but ...

Principal Investigator : Michael J. Wilson

Wildlife and Fish2010RMRS