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Photo of Shifting agriculture and forest fragmentation in Nicaragua demonstrate some of the complex challenges addressed by the international forest governance regime. Forest Service
ID: 313
Finding Synergistic Approaches for Complex Forest Issues through Global Forest Governance

Despite significant efforts to develop governmental and nongovernmental institutions to address the world's forest problems, there is a sense th ...

Principal Investigator : Kathleen McGinley

Resource Management and Use2011IITF
Photo of Reviewing Compliance of Harvest Plans in the Consorcio Forestal Amazonico, Ucayali, Peru. Forest Service
ID: 18
Forest Regulations are Rigorous throughout much of the Americas, but Implementation Remains a Challenge in Latin America

On paper, Latin America is often stricter on forestry than many States in the United States, but lack of enforcement and compliance continue to ...

Principal Investigator : Kathleen McGinley

Resource Management and Use2012IITF