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Photo of RMRS researchers attaching a color band to a captured and hooded Mexican spotted owl. Forest Service
ID: 108
Scientists Study Endangered Mexican Spotted Owl

Research provides information useful to managers charged with conserving and restoring Mexican spotted owls and their habitat

Principal Investigator : Joseph L. Ganey

Outdoor Recreation
Wildlife and Fish
Photo of A pair of Mexican spotted owls watches a live mouse on the forest floor.  Spotted owl nests typically are well hidden and difficult to locate.  Nesting owls often take captured prey to the nest site, allowing scientists to locate the nest. USDA Forest Service
ID: 554
Study Looks Into Nesting Habitats of Threatened Mexican Spotted Owls

Scientists worked with land managers to study nesting habitats of the Mexican spotted owl in New Mexico. Findings provide a template for preser ...

Principal Investigator : Joseph L. Ganey

Wildlife and Fish2013RMRS