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ID: 352
Cascade volcanoes may be at greater risk for debris flows as climate warms

Scientists with the Pacific Northwest Research Station discovered previously unreported links between receding glaciers, areas of stagnant and d ...

Principal Investigator : Gordon Grant

Resource Management and Use2011PNW

ID: 91
Dam Removal Produces Largest Release of Sediment in History

Four years of research on the Sandy River after the removal of the Marmot Dam provides guidance for future dam removals

Principal Investigator : Gordon Grant

Water, Air, and Soil2012PNW

ID: 242
Deep groundwater mediates streamflow response to climate warming and will provide a major source of summer streamflow for the western U.S. in the future

Prior efforts to model streamflow trends, and hence the availability of water, under future climate scenarios in the Western United States focus ...

Principal Investigator : Gordon Grant

Water, Air, and Soil2010PNW

ID: 519
New Maps Detail Areas Sensitive to Reduced Summer Streamflows as a Result of Climate Warming

New maps assist resource planners in the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board in assessing risk to ...

Principal Investigator : Gordon Grant

Water, Air, and Soil2013PNW