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Photo of Burn severity for the Granny fire (2004) in the Gila-Aldo Leopold Wilderness in New Mexico. Qualitatively, it appears as though areas that has previously burned in 2000 had lower burn severity (i.e., dNBR) than areas that had not previously burned. Forest Service
ID: 140
The Effectiveness of Wildfire as a Fuel Treatment

New research results provide crucial information to land managers as they assess trade-offs associated with wildfire suppression and appropriate ...

Principal Investigator : Carol L. Miller

Wildland Fire and Fuels2012RMRS
Photo of Simulations show where fires would have spread and reveal hidden consequences of suppression. Forest Service
ID: 400
The hidden consequences of fire suppression

Researchers are investigating the true costs of suppressing wildfires and finding results that will have broad national applicability. Their me ...

Principal Investigator : Carol L. Miller

Wildland Fire and Fuels2011RMRS