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Photo of Oak savanna and woodlands are being restored through the use of prescribed fire and tree thinning and provide habitat for many birds of conservation concern. Jennifer Reidy, University of Missouri
ID: 652
Many Bird Species Benefit From Oak Savanna Woodland Restoration

Many bird species of conservation concern in the midwestern United States are associated with early successional or open forest conditions that ...

Principal Investigator : Frank R. Thompson

Wildlife and Fish2014NRS
Photo of Models indicate strategically placed habitat restoration is effective at reversing declines of Prairie Warblers whereas randomly placed management is not. Wolfgang Wander, Wikimedia Commons.
ID: 476
Prairie Warbler and Wood Thrush Populations Respond Well to Strategic Conservation Efforts

A Forest Service scientist and his research partners demonstrated the power of landscape-based population viability models by evaluating respons ...

Principal Investigator : Frank R. Thompson

Wildlife and Fish2013NRS
Photo of Forest Service
ID: 63
Research Addresses Decline of Young Forests in Central Hardwood Region

Report details how young forests can be sustainably created and managed in a landscape context

Principal Investigator : Frank R. Thompson

Resource Management and Use
Wildlife and Fish