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ID: 329
Culturally Appropriate Conservation Education for the Hmong American Community

Forest Service researchers produced a conservation education DVD in partnership with the Hmong community titled The Wildlife and Wilderness Expl ...

Principal Investigator : David N. Bengston

Outdoor Recreation
Wildland Fire and Fuels

ID: 501
Environmental Futures Research: Experiences, Approaches, and Opportunities

A Forest Service scientist organized a conference session that explored the trans-disciplinary field of futures research and its application to ...

Principal Investigator : David N. Bengston

Resource Management and Use2013NRS

ID: 603
Scientists Examine the Future of Forests in the Anthropocene

Forest Service researchers analyzed the major issues and factors affecting forests in the decades ahead: deforestation, mega-fires, urban forest ...

Principal Investigator : David N. Bengston

Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Wildland Fire and Fuels