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ID: 101
A High-Tech Adventure Game of Hide and Seek

Geocaching invites a technologically savvy public into nature

Principal Investigator : Deborah J. Chavez

Outdoor Recreation2012PSW

ID: 324
A socioecological network for a tropical city

Traditional urban research involves tree inventories, census activities, water quality sampling, or socioeconomic studies, all conducted by sepa ...

Principal Investigator : Ariel Lugo

Water, Air, and Soil
Invasive Species
Resource Management and Use
Wildlife and Fish
Inventory and Monitoring

ID: 102
Americans and Greeks Experience Similar Benefits from Recreation in Forests

Data show recreational uses of forest lands are psychologically and socially important

Principal Investigator : Jim Absher

Outdoor Recreation2012PSW

ID: 47
Balanced Approach to Surveillance Reduces the Costs of Invasive Species Detection and Control

New planning tool helps organizations make decisions on where and how much money to spend on invasive pests detection programs

Principal Investigator : Robert G. Haight

Invasive Species2012NRS

ID: 384
Can fuel treatments mitigate wildfire effects

Did a real-time test of fuel treatments help mitigate the effects of a large wildfire

Principal Investigator : Andrew T. Hudak

Wildland Fire and Fuels2011RMRS

ID: 472
Carbon Sequestration by Urban Trees Valued in the Billions of Dollars Annually

Forest Service scientists quantified carbon storage and sequestration by urban trees in the United States to assess the magnitude and role of ur ...

Principal Investigator : David Nowak

Resource Management and Use2013NRS

ID: 354
Community Environmentalism

Findings suggest that ethnically diverse publics may find motivation for environmentalism through a commitment to social action that serves thei ...

Principal Investigator : Patricia L. Winter

Outdoor Recreation2011PSW

ID: 329
Culturally Appropriate Conservation Education for the Hmong American Community

Forest Service researchers produced a conservation education DVD in partnership with the Hmong community titled The Wildlife and Wilderness Expl ...

Principal Investigator : David N. Bengston

Outdoor Recreation
Wildland Fire and Fuels

ID: 289
Developing a fire model for homeowner-sized plats - Protecting lives and properties through proper selection of building and landscape materials

This research is directed to development of fire growth model for the homeowner sized plat that would guide the user on better and aesthetic sel ...

Principal Investigator : Mark A. Dietenberger

Wildland Fire and Fuels2011FPL

ID: 411
Developing a simple rearing method for Emerald ash borer biological control agents

The emerald ash borer, a buprestid beetle native to Asia, is one of the most ecologically and economically significant invasive forest pests in ...

Principal Investigator : Michael Ulyshen

Invasive Species2011SRS

ID: 458
Ecological Gradient Analyses in Tropical Ecosystems

Forest Service scientists recently published a book that contains a comprehensive analysis of ecological gradients in the Luquillo Mountains of ...

Principal Investigator : Grizelle Gonzalez

Inventory and Monitoring
Water, Air, and Soil
Resource Management and Use

ID: 42
Emerald Ash Borer Natural Enemies Becoming Established in the United States

Optimism increasing for long-term management of the emerald ash borer

Principal Investigator : Leah Bauer

Invasive Species2012NRS

ID: 323
Experimental Forest Network Hosts Nationwide Bee Monitoring Project

There is a widespread perception that populations of pollinating insects in North America are in decline.

Principal Investigator : International Institute of Tropical Forestry

Wildlife and Fish2011IITF

ID: 371
Firewise Actions Depend on Trust

Trust is an important component in working with communities and individuals on fire risk mitigation, but it is an abstract concept that needs to ...

Principal Investigator : Jim Absher

Wildland Fire and Fuels2011PSW

ID: 496
Forest Service Partnership with MillionTreesNYC

The demand for a well-trained green-collar labor force will increase as many cities implement sustainability and green infrastructure plans. Add ...

Principal Investigator :

Resource Management and Use2013NRS

ID: 64
FRAME Study Looks at Invasive Plants in Delaware

What are the causes and consequences of soil, plant, and animal changes in the valuable patches of forests that make up urban parks, riparian bu ...

Principal Investigator : Vince D'Amico

Invasive Species2012NRS

ID: 54
From World's Largest Landfill to New York City's Newest Park

The story of the restoration of Fresh Kills Salt Marsh, Staten Island, NY

Principal Investigator : Lindsay Campbell

Resource Management and Use
Outdoor Recreation

ID: 405
Giving forest-fringe communities a stake in restoring and conserving rainforests in Africa

Restoring, conserving and protecting forests depends on the action of local communities. Community members can be given incentives to conserve f ...

Principal Investigator : John A. Stanturf

Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Inventory and Monitoring

ID: 351
Hurricanes Disturb Non-tree Subtropical Wet Forest Species Composition

Hurricane disturbance caused pronounced and persistent changes in the non-tree species composition of a subtropical wet forest. A unique long-te ...

Principal Investigator : Alejandro A. Royo

Water, Air, and Soil2011NRS

ID: 325
Integrating Research, Education, and Traditional Knowledge in Ecology

Integrating research and education is a fundamental goal of research institutions and agencies but specific approaches not widely published in e ...

Principal Investigator : William A. Gould

Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Inventory and Monitoring

ID: 23
Making the Most of Beetle-Killed Trees

New manual gives land managers a variety of options for beetle-killed trees

Principal Investigator : Robert J. Ross

Invasive Species2012FPL

ID: 348
Moving Field Guides: Learning ecology through dance

Children in Baltimore, MD, are working with Forest Service researchers and the Dance Exchange, a professional dance company, to turn their obser ...

Principal Investigator : Mark Twery

Outdoor Recreation2011NRS

ID: 68
Nature Dominates in City Tree Regeneration

Assessment of tree planting and natural regeneration in cities reveals that most trees in cities are not planted

Principal Investigator : David Nowak

Resource Management and Use2012NRS

ID: 368
Nature Education

A better understanding will improve the effectiveness of nature educations programs such as the U.S. Forest Service, Kids in the Woods.A study t ...

Principal Investigator : Jim Absher

Outdoor Recreation2011PSW

ID: 20
New Approaches to Understanding Socioecological Systems in Cities: the San Juan ULTRA Approach

Principal Investigator : Tischa A. Munoz-Erickson

Resource Management and Use2012IITF

ID: 475
New Information Will Help Eradicate Asian Longhorned Beetles

Eradication efforts against Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) rely on knowledge of the basic biology and behavior of this insect. Forest Service sci ...

Principal Investigator : Melody Keena

Invasive Species2013NRS

ID: 104
New Model Predicts Urban Tree Growth

New study developed growth equations for urban tree species throughout the United States

Principal Investigator : Greg McPherson

Resource Management and Use2012PSW

ID: 361
One Million Trees LA Canopy Cover Assessment

The day after Antonio Villaraigosa was elected mayor of the City of Los Angeles he planted a tree and announced his plan to plant one million tr ...

Principal Investigator : Greg McPherson

Resource Management and Use2011PSW

ID: 459
Online Mapping Tool Helps Identify Green Areas for Sustainability Planning in San Juan

The tool also allows multiple stakeholders in the city to deliberate and model multiple scenarios for green connectivity and their utility in ad ...

Principal Investigator : Tischa A. Munoz-Erickson

Inventory and Monitoring
Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil

ID: 451
Panels Made from Wood and Recycled Fibers Go To Hollywood and Around the World

The Forest Service's Forest Products Laboratory is moving sustainable structural panel forming technology from the laboratory to commercial real ...

Principal Investigator : John F. Hunt

Resource Management and Use2013FPL

ID: 78
Predicting the Path of the Amber-Marked Birch Leaf Miner

Scientists model future infestation of an invasive insect in Anchorage, AK

Principal Investigator : John Lundquist

Invasive Species2012PNW

ID: 366
Public Trust and Conservation

Findings help improve Forest Service efforts to communicate ecosystem risks and to encourage actions that protect natural resources.Trust in the ...

Principal Investigator : Patricia L. Winter

Outdoor Recreation2011PSW

ID: 422
Recovery of Carbon and Nutrient Pools in a Northern Forested Wetland

There has been long-standing concern about the effects of silvicultural practices on the functions of forested wetlands. This work shows that th ...

Principal Investigator : Carl C. Trettin

Resource Management and Use2011SRS

ID: 53
Report Details Trends and Current Conditions for Northern Forests

Overarching issues include the interaction of forests and people, managing invasive species, sustaining biodiversity, and sustaining capacity fo ...

Principal Investigator : Stephen R. Shifley

Inventory and Monitoring
Outdoor Recreation
Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Wildland Fire and Fuels
Wildlife and Fish

ID: 146
School Children Explore the World of Forest Science

Principal Investigator : Kier D. Klepzig

Invasive Species
Inventory and Monitoring
Outdoor Recreation
Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Wildland Fire and Fuels
Wildlife and Fish

ID: 108
Scientists Study Endangered Mexican Spotted Owl

Research provides information useful to managers charged with conserving and restoring Mexican spotted owls and their habitat

Principal Investigator : Joseph L. Ganey

Outdoor Recreation
Wildlife and Fish

ID: 328
Street-Level Views of Climate Change

Forest Service researchers and partners interviewed residents of two Chicago neighborhoods about their awareness of climate change and their own ...

Principal Investigator : Lynne M. Westphal

Wildland Fire and Fuels
Invasive Species
Outdoor Recreation

ID: 60
Study Assesses Public Access to Private Land for Recreation Purposes

Scientists review opportunities, constraints, and possibilities for relieving recreational pressure on public lands

Principal Investigator : Stephanie Snyder

Outdoor Recreation2012NRS

ID: 109
The Effects of Energy Development on Hawks and Golden Eagles Documented

Results from a new wildlife study help managers develop conservation measures for ferruginous hawks and golden eagles in areas being developed f ...

Principal Investigator : John R. Squires

Wildlife and Fish2012RMRS

ID: 464
The Future of Hemlock Trees in the Eastern U.S. Remains Dicey

The arrival of the hemlock woolly adelgid, an invasive insect from Asia, threatens the stability and sustainability of hemlock in the eastern U. ...

Principal Investigator : R. Talbot Trotter, III

Invasive Species
Inventory and Monitoring

ID: 370
The Tree BVOC Index

A simplified method for tracking reduced emissions of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds (BVOCs) from urban trees for use in air quality compli ...

Principal Investigator : Jim Simpson

Water, Air, and Soil2011PSW

ID: 499
The Value of Urban Tree Cover

Forest Service researchers are estimating how much home buyers are willing to spend for greater neighborhood tree cover; and, the results for ho ...

Principal Investigator : Robert G. Haight

Resource Management and Use2013NRS

ID: 512
Trees Found to be Part of City's Public Health Infrastructure

The emerald ash borer is associated with more than 6,000 additional lower respiratory deaths, and over 15,000 additional cardiovascular deaths i ...

Principal Investigator : Geoffrey Donovan

Invasive Species2013PNW

ID: 89
U.S. Urban Tree Cover Declining

Analysis of aerial images reveals that U.S. urban areas are losing about 20,000 acres of tree cover per year

Principal Investigator : David Nowak

Resource Management and Use2012NRS

ID: 139
Updated Computer Model Helps Managers Better Estimate Visitation to Camp Sites

Model simulates travel patterns for 11,000 groups in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Principal Investigator : Alan E. Watson

Outdoor Recreation2012RMRS

ID: 511
Washington's Green-Duwamish Watershed joins Urban Waters Federal Partnership

The Green-Duwamish Urban Waters Federal Partnership focuses on salmon recovery and environmental justice initiatives, with the added goal of cr ...

Principal Investigator : Dale Blahna

Water, Air, and Soil2013PNW

ID: 126
Wilderness Fellows Program Engages Youth in Federal Land Management

Program helps agencies develop a baseline assessment of wilderness character and integrate that character in wilderness planning, management, an ...

Principal Investigator : Peter B. Landres

Outdoor Recreation
Inventory and Monitoring