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ID: 746
A Win-Win on Agricultural Lands: Creating Wildlife Habitat Through Agroforestry

Over 50 percent of land use in the U.S. is dedicated to agricultural production. Farms and ranches are therefore a critical piece in the conserv ...

Principal Investigator : Gary Bentrup

Wildlife and Fish2014WO

ID: 749
Agroforestry Academy 2014

The Agroforestry Academy 2014 provided a week-long training for 30 natural resources technical service providers from seven states in the Upper ...

Principal Investigator : Richard Straight

Resource Management and Use2014WO

ID: 748
Biomass Equations for Agroforestry's Working Trees

A collaboration between the Forest Service and the University of Nebraska is providing a basis for determining the most efficient and accurate w ...

Principal Investigator : Michele Schoeneberger

Water, Air, and Soil2014WO

ID: 747
Cornucopia in the Cities: Growing Urban Agriculture with Trees

Advances in research show how incorporating trees in urban landscapes contributes to diverse sustainable systems for growing food in cities that ...

Principal Investigator : Gary Bentrup

Resource Management and Use2014WO

ID: 431
Global Bioenergy Partnership Sustainability Indictators for Bioenergy

The Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) agreed on a set of science-based, voluntary, practical sustainability indicators with the aim of helping ...

Principal Investigator : Marilyn Buford

Resource Management and Use2011WO

ID: 169
Location, Location, Location! Putting Buffers in Their Place

Forest Service conservation buffer research highlighted at Capitol Hill seminars

Principal Investigator : Andy Mason

Resource Management and Use2012WO

ID: 167
Practical Agroforestry Guide Released for Landownders, Farmers, and Ranchers

Guide informs underserved and limited resource farmers in the Southeast ways to use agroforestry to better manage their lands and boost profits

Principal Investigator : Andy Mason

Resource Management and Use2012WO

ID: 745
Precision Design for Improving Buffers and Water Quality

Effectiveness of vegetative buffers, conventionally designed to have uniform width along field margins and riparian areas can be improved by pla ...

Principal Investigator : Mike Dosskey

Water, Air, and Soil2014WO

ID: 168
The United States Partners with Canada to Increase the Use of Agroforestry Practices

Partnership actions include collaborative research to restore windbreaks across the Great Plains and advancing the goals of the Global Research ...

Principal Investigator : Andy Mason

Resource Management and Use2012WO

ID: 430
USDA Agroforestry Strategic Framework Provides Roadmap to Sustainable Agriculture

On June 6, 2011, the USDA Agroforestry Strategic Framework, Fiscal Year 2011-2016 was officially released by USDA Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merr ...

Principal Investigator : Andy Mason

Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil