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International Partnership to combat Sirex woodwasp

Photo of Snapshot : Southern Research Station and the Forest Agriculture and Biotechnology Institute (FABI) work together to help combat the Sirex woodwasp, a known pine killing insect well established in South Africa and new to the United States. Also, through this partnership students will get the opportunity to study abroad at the world renowned institute.

Principal Investigators(s) :
Klepzig, Kier D.  
Research Station : Southern Research Station (SRS)
Year : 2011
Highlight ID : 417


Dr. Kier Klepzig has fostered and built a relationship with the Forest Agriculture and Biotechnology Institute (FABI) at the University of Pretoria in South Africa to help study the Sirex woodwasp. FABI is one of the premier forest pathology institutes in the world. The Sirex woodwasp is an invasive pine killing insect new to the United States but well established in South Africa. This partnership will give Dr. Klepzig and other scientists access to established data concerning the invasive insect.

In addition to shard science, Dr. Klepzig also worked with FABI on developing graduate student candidates from the US to study abroad there. There is a student- scheduled to begin in the Forest Pathology program at FABI, and a potential technician/ PhD student in the Forest Entomology program.

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  • The Forest Agriculture and Biotechnology Institute

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