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Soy-based Adhesives for Wood Products

Bonded wood panel products made with soy adhesives. Steve Schmieding, Forest ServiceSnapshot : Soy-based adhesives developed at FPL have been commercialized and allow wood manufacturers to replace adhesives based on fossil fuel with biomass-based adhesives.

Principal Investigators(s) :
Frihart, Charles R. 
Research Station : Forest Products Laboratory (FPL)
Year : 2011
Highlight ID : 309


California Air Resources has implemented new standards that set lower acceptable formaldehyde emission levels for products sold in California than those established by the current voluntary standards in the United States. Soy adhesives are used to make interior (decorative) plywood, particleboard, and medium density fiberboard that meet all the current and future established standards for formaldehyde emissions. Ashland-Hercules working cooperatively with the Forest Products Laboratory has developed these soy adhesives and has commercialized them for interior plywood, engineered wood flooring and particleboard. This technology also allows wood manufacturers to replace adhesives based on fossil fuel by biomass-based adhesives. Over half of the interior plywood market is currently using soy-based adhesives.

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