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Organizational Directories

Search for employees within any of the seven R&D Research Stations and the Washington, DC R&D Staff Areas.

Explore the research and administration programs and units for the seven R&D Research Stations and Washington, DC R&D Staff Areas.

StationStationNameRoleTotal Personnel
Forest Products LaboratoryFPLView all personnel193
Forest Products LaboratoryFPL-4716 Building and Fire Sciences Research8
Forest Products LaboratoryFPL-4723 Durability and Wood Protection Research Research20
Forest Products LaboratoryFPL-4851 Economics, Statistics and Life Cycle Analysis Research Research12
Forest Products LaboratoryFPL-4706 Engineered Composites Science Research11
Forest Products LaboratoryFPL-4714 Engineering Properties of Wood, Wood Based Materials and Structures Research8
Forest Products LaboratoryFPL-4709 Fiber and Chemical Sciences Research Research14
Forest Products LaboratoryFPL-4707 Forest Biopolymer Science and Engineering Research17
Forest Products LaboratoryFPL-4712 Institute for Microbial and Biochemical Sciences Research12
Forest Products LaboratoryFPL-4715 Wood Anatomy and Forest Mycology in a Changing Global Environment Research14
Forest Products LaboratoryFPL-ACML Analytical Chemistry and Microscopy Laboratory Admin4
Forest Products LaboratoryFPL-OC Communications & Science Delivery Admin14
Forest Products LaboratoryFPL-DO Director's Office Admin5
Forest Products LaboratoryFPL-EMRSL Engineering Mechanics and Remote Sensing Laboratory Admin13
Forest Products LaboratoryFPL-FRM Financial Resources Management Admin9
Forest Products LaboratoryFPL-TMU Forest Products Marketing Unit Admin9
Forest Products LaboratoryFPL-LIB National Forest Service Library Located at Forest Products Laboratory Admin4
Forest Products LaboratoryFPL-PTL Paper Test Laboratory Admin1
Forest Products LaboratoryFPL-RFE Research Facilities Engineering Admin18
International Institute of Tropical ForestryIITFView all personnel53
International Institute of Tropical ForestryIITF-4151 International Institute of Tropical Forestry Research53
Northern Research StationNRSView all personnel396
Northern Research StationNRS-10 Biological and Environmental Influences on Forest Health and Productivity Research13
Northern Research StationNRS-7 Center for Research on Ecosystem Change Research35
Northern Research StationNRS-6 Climate, Fire, and Carbon Cycle Sciences Research33
Northern Research StationNRS-1 Ecological and Economic Sustainability of the Appalachian Forest in an Era of Globalization Research22
Northern Research StationNRS-3 Ecology and Management of Invasive Species and Forest Ecosystems Research32
Northern Research StationNRS-FIA Forest Inventory & Analysis Research96
Northern Research StationNRS-4 Genetics, Biological Control, and Management of Invasive Species Research16
Northern Research StationNRS-14 Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center Research6
Northern Research StationNRS-13 Institute for Applied Ecosystem Studies: Theory and Application of Scaling Science in Forestry Research12
Northern Research StationNRS-9 People and Their Environments: Social Science Supporting Natural Resource Management and Policy Research10
Northern Research StationNRS-11 Sustainable Management of Central Hardwood Ecosystems and Landscapes Research8
Northern Research StationNRS-2 Sustaining Forests in a Changing Environment Research29
Northern Research StationNRS-15 The Strategic Foresight Group Research4
Northern Research StationNRS-8 Urban Forests, Human Health, and Environmental Quality Research28
Northern Research StationNRS-AQM Acquisition Management Admin9
Northern Research StationNRS-AS Administrative Services Admin3
Northern Research StationNRS-BUD Budget Admin4
Northern Research StationNRS-CR Civil Rights Admin2
Northern Research StationNRS-CSD Communications and Science Delivery Admin9
Northern Research StationNRS-DIR Director's Office Admin3
Northern Research StationNRS-ENG Engineering and Facility Services Admin17
Northern Research StationNRS-NONFS Forest Service Partners Admin1
Northern Research StationNRS-HRM Human Resources Management Admin2
Northern Research StationNRS-NRSET Northern Research Station Executive Team Admin2
Pacific Northwest Research StationPNWView all personnel273
Pacific Northwest Research StationPNW-2662 Ecological Process and Function Research35
Pacific Northwest Research StationPNW-2665 Goods, Services, and Values Research18
Pacific Northwest Research StationPNW-2663 Land and Watershed Management Research41
Pacific Northwest Research StationPNW-2669 Resource Monitoring and Assessment Research81
Pacific Northwest Research StationPNW-2677 Threat Characterization and Management Research27
Pacific Northwest Research StationPNW-2667 Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment Research4
Pacific Northwest Research StationPNW-ADMIN Administrative Admin25
Pacific Northwest Research StationPNW-CAP Communications and Applications Admin15
Pacific Northwest Research StationPNW-2600 Station Director Office Admin27
Pacific Southwest Research StationPSWView all personnel160
Pacific Southwest Research StationPSW-CB Conservation of Biodiversity Program Research44
Pacific Southwest Research StationPSW-EFH Ecosystem Function and Health Program Research32
Pacific Southwest Research StationPSW-FF Fire and Fuels Program Research23
Pacific Southwest Research StationPSW-IPIF Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry Research18
Pacific Southwest Research StationPSW-RNA Research Natural Areas Research1
Pacific Southwest Research StationPSW-UESD Urban Ecosystems and Social Dynamics Program Research8
Pacific Southwest Research StationPSW-OPS Business Operations Admin25
Pacific Southwest Research StationPSW-COMMS Communications Admin2
Pacific Southwest Research StationPSW-SDO Office of the Director Admin7
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRSView all personnel423
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRS-4354 Air, Water and Aquatic Environments Research42
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRS-4901 Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute Research11
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRS-4405 Fire, Fuel and Smoke Research69
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRS-4157 Forest and Woodland Ecosystems Research47
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRS-4255 Grassland, Shrubland and Desert Ecosystems Research43
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRS-4853 Human Dimensions Research45
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRS-4801 Inventory and Monitoring Research87
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRS-4256 Wildlife and Terrestrial Ecosystems Research27
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRS-AQM Acquisition & Property Management Admin6
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRS-BF Budget & Finance Admin3
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRS-CR Civil Rights Admin1
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRS-DOT Director's Office Admin2
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRS-FAC Facilities Admin5
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRS-GA Grants & Agreements Admin4
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRS-NFSL National Forest Service Library Admin10
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRS-OPS Operations Admin5
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRS-PUB Publications Admin4
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRS-SAI Science Application and Communication Admin7
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRS-STAT Statistics Admin3
Rocky Mountain Research StationRMRS-SMA Strategic Management & Accountability Admin2
Southern Research StationSRSView all personnel395
Southern Research StationSRS-4155 Center for Bottomland Hardwoods Research Research32
Southern Research StationSRS-4156 Center for Forest Disturbance Science Research21
Southern Research StationSRS-4855 Center for Integrated Forest Science and Synthesis Research2
Southern Research StationSRS-4854 Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center Research22
Southern Research StationSRS-4804 Forest Economics and Policy Research10
Southern Research StationSRS-4160 Forest Genetics & Biological Foundations Research20
Southern Research StationSRS-4801 Forest Inventory and Analysis Research87
Southern Research StationSRS-4703 Forest Operations Research to Achieve Sustainable Management Research7
Southern Research StationSRS-4353 Forest Watershed Science Research27
Southern Research StationSRS-4552 Insects, Diseases, and Invasive Plants Research25
Southern Research StationSRS-4952 Integrating Human and Natural Systems Research11
Southern Research StationSRS-4158 Restoring Longleaf Pine Ecosystems Research12
Southern Research StationSRS-4159 Southern Pine Ecology Research19
Southern Research StationSRS-4157 Upland Hardwood Ecology and Management Research17
Southern Research StationSRS-4704 Utilization of Southern Forest Resources Research12
Southern Research StationSRS-RSS Research Support Services Admin1
Southern Research StationSRS-HQ Station Headquarters - Asheville, NC Admin70
Washington OfficeWOView all personnel88
Washington OfficeWO-4352 National Agroforestry Center Research12
Washington OfficeWO-DCOBS Budget Staff Admin8
Washington OfficeWO-DCO Deputy Chief's Office Admin9
Washington OfficeWO-IMAR Inventory, Monitoring, and Assessment Research Admin9
Washington OfficeWO-KMC Knowledge Management & Communications Admin23
Washington OfficeWO-LRESR Landscape Restoration & Ecosystem Services Research Admin13
Washington OfficeWO-PA Policy Analysis Admin5
Washington OfficeWO-SFMR Sustainable Forest Management Research Admin9


Additional Directories

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