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  • Photo:Jethro Taylor
    Forging a New Path More than a century ago, as America's first national parks began taking shape out West, there really wasn't too much else out there. Any human settlement would be taking place outside the well-defined boundaries of the newly created parks. The wilderness inside of them would always remain a safe, serene habitat. But that's not how it worked out.

  • 650-year-old tree succumbs to drought Yoda, a 7-foot-tall Douglas fir on the lava flows south of Grants, died this summer at the age of 650 or so. An icon for scientists studying the history of New Mexico's climate, Yoda survived many a drought.

  • The interaction of climate change, fire, and forests in the US A special section of the September issue of Forest Ecology and Management, available online now, assesses the interactions among fire, climate change, and forests for five major regions of the US.

  • New funding supports search for solutions to white-nose syndrome Two U.S. Forest Service research teams recently received more than $97,000 in grants from Bat Conservation International and the Tennessee Chapter of The Nature Conservancy to further the fight against White-Nose Syndrome.

  • Little brown bats with fungus on muzzle / Al Hicks, NY Dept of Env Conservation
    South Carolina receives funding for three projects in partnerships with North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and South Carolina Department of Natural Resources will cooperate with the Forest Service Southern Research Station and the University of North Carolina-Greensboro to collect crucial data on bat distribution and relative abundance.

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