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  • 2008 Lacey Act Amendment successful in reducing US imports of illegally logged wood Recently published research by U.S. Forest Service economist Jeff Prestemon supports the contention that the 2008 Lacey Act Amendment reduced the supply of illegally harvested wood from South America and Asia available for export to the United States.

  • A project led by the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State is aimed at developing tools and resources for farmers and natural resource managers to adapt to increasing weather-related risks such as devastating floods, crippling droughts and severe storms / USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
    Penn State to help Northeast agriculture adapt to potential climate change Penn State is one of 12 land-grant universities that will collaborate with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Northeast Climate Hub to give the region's farmers, foresters and land managers better access to information and tools for adapting to climate and weather variability.

  • Sub-microscopic cellulose from trees, known as nanocellulose / American Process Inc.
    American Process Inc. announces partnership to develop biobased auto components American Process Inc. and Futuris Automotive formed a partnership with Georgia Institute of Technology, Clark Atlanta University, Swinburne University of Technology, and the USDA's Forest Products Laboratory to develop ultra-strong, lightweight automotive structural components reinforced with nanocellulose.

  • National Forest Property Boundary / Josh Schlossberg
    Wildfire prevention or forest destruction? Drive along Highway 119 south of Nederland or Highway 9 south of Frisco and you will see large swaths of bare soil and scattered slash - including entire hillsides - where once there was forest. These aren't future subdivisions, but the Arapaho and White River National Forests.

  • David Rosenthal and Laura Caple plant a chestnut seedling at Wayne National Forest. Rosenthal is an assistant professor in plant biology at Ohio University, and Caple is a retired teacher from Vinton County / Alexandria Polanosky
    Local college students, faculty help restore American chestnut tree Ohio University students and faculty spent a recent Saturday working with their counterparts from Hocking College, Miami University, U.S. Forest Service and others on a project they are hoping will help restore an ecological treasure to Ohio's only national forest.

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