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  • Fire survey shows areas of concern A recent study of how homeowners perceive the threat of wildfires asked residents in wildfire-prone areas to evaluate the risks that they could control and those over which they don't have control. Residents often underestimate how much they can do in those areas where they have control - while overestimating factors over which they have no control.

  • Colorado Aspen Forest
    Study says some forests may not recover from mega-disturbances in the global warming era Forest Service researchers say "mega-disturbances" like giant wildfires and insect outbreaks are likely to hasten the slow demise of temperate forest ecosystems in the coming decades.

  • Model home
    USDA Builds Model Home with APA Engineered Wood Group The Inside View House, now under construction with the USDA Forest Products Laboratory and the APA Engineered Wood Association by Beechen & Dill Homes, shows how OSB can be part of design plans to replace some joists and studs, among other wall and floor framing methods that save energy, speed installation, and reduce waste.

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