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Project Highlights - Recreation Planning

The Recreation Planning Branch of Recreation Solutions provides a wide range of recreation and planning services. These range from full NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) support, including Interdisciplinary Team Leaders and natural resource specialists; to planning for Forests, site specific areas, Wilderness areas, and Wild and Scenic Rivers. Our staff can also provide assistance in other disciplines, such as trails INFRA database training and service-oriented Contracting Officer Representative. A number of projects are highlighted below.

NEPA Services

Projects carried out on Federal lands frequently require determination of NEPA compliance. We have an experienced NEPA team that can provide the total compliment of staff for any NEPA project from start to finish. This includes Interdisciplinary Team leaders, natural resource specialists, writer/editors, content analysis, and specialists to provide the final document formatting for publication. We can provide support in silviculture, biology, botany, fisheries, and heritage. Our natural resource specialists include: recreation planners, wildlife biologists, fisheries biologists, and wilderness and Wild and Scenic River specialists. We also provide Geographic Information System (GIS) support that includes data compilation, analysis, and cartography.

Natural resource specialists survey the Bean North project in Alaska

Natural Resource Specialists survey the Bean North project in Alaska

Potential Wilderness Evaluation

Among the services this branch provides is Wilderness and Wild and Scenic River Planning. One component of this service is the evaluation of potential wilderness that is a component of every National Forest Plan. This evaluation is comprised of meetings with Forest specialists to determine appropriate areas of the Forest for potential inclusion into the National Wilderness Preservation System. The process is driven by the compilation and analysis of a suite of natural resource and management layers using GIS. One output of this compilation, the Potential Wilderness map, is below.

potential wilderness evaluation map

Wild and Scenic River Planning

The Recreation Planning branch has assisted Forests in Wild and Scenic River planning. This includes NEPA planning, “left-side” planning, and GIS services for Wild and Scenic Rivers. Comprehensive River Management Plans are legislatively mandated for designated rivers in the National System, and Recreation Solutions helps Forests complete these plans from start to finish.

Wild and Scenic River planning map

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