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 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC)

What is it?

  • An initiative to engage young people and returning veterans to protect, restore, and enhance America's Great Outdoors.
  • Partnerships that leverage experience and expertise of existing Federal, State, tribal, local and non-profit conservation and youth corps, and veterans' programs.

What are the 21CSC goals?

  • Build America’s future—develop natural and cultural resources stewards.
  • Put Americans to work—provide training and employment opportunities.
  • Preserve, protect and promote America’s greatest gifts—increase public access and use to public lands.

What activities do 21CSC member organizations support?

Activities that contribute to the protection, restoration and enhancement of public lands and waterways. Examples:

  • Improve recreation access
  • Preserve public lands
  • Repair & rebuild campsites
  • Preserve historic structures
  • Eradicate invasive & noxious weeds
  • Conduct research & needs assessments
  • Protect wildlife habitat
  • Protect communities from wildfire
  • Support hydrology programs
  • Manage volunteer programs
  • Remove brush
  • Coordinate outreach

What are the benefits of 21CSC membership?

  • For 21CSC organizations:
    • Nationally recognized contribution to improvements of public lands and waterways.
    • Access to a national network of 21CSC member organizations.
    • Use of 21CSC branding and marketing materials.
  • For individuals of 21CSC organizations:
    • Access to career pathways in natural and cultural resources, and environmental and other disciplines in the federal and non-profit sectors.

What are the eligibility requirements for 21CSC membership?

  • Membership is reserved for organizations only. Instructions to apply are available in the Federal Register Notice.
  • Letters to join 21CSC are reviewed quarterly; the next review is July 2014.
  • Membership lasts throughout the 2014 calendar year.

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Last modified December 23, 2014

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