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Recreation, Heritage & Volunteer Resources - Wilderness & Wild and Scenic Rivers Contacts


Recreation, Heritage and Volunteer Resources Staff
Name Position Phone
Bedwell, Jim Director 202-205-1240
Adamson, Joe Natural Resources Specialist 202-205-0931
Arnn, Matt Chief Landscape Architect 202-205-9599
Bowler, David (D) Integrated Business Service Center (IBSC) 801-236-3457
Boyce, Elayne Executive Assistant (Staff Assistant) 202-205-9530
Bramwell, Lincoln Historian Program Manager 202-205-0958
Coyote, Nancy (D) Volunteer & Service Programs Specialist 503-347-9991
English, DonNational Visitor Use Monitoring 202-205-9595
Hartman, Chris Rec. Sites Program Manager 202-205-1227
Hayman, Chaunece Volunteers & Services (SCEP) 202-205-4988
Holbrook, Carolyn Outfitter/Guide & Rec. Special Uses Program Manager202-205-1399
Jaten, Allen (D) Integrated Business Service Center (IBSC) 520-202-2706
Kaczor, Michael Heritage Program Manager 202-205-1427
Karkula, Ken Assistant Director/Heritage, Business Management & Plan 202-205-1358
Kroenke, Loren (D) Winter Sports Program Manager 801-236-3467
Maki, Cyndee (D) Integrated Business Service Center (IBSC) 801-236-3425
Maczyk, Merlene Youth, Volunteer, and Hosted Programs Manager 202-205-0650
Merica, Crystal Program Support (SCEP) 202-205-3562
Morgan, Robin (Acting) Deputy Director 202-205-1756
Nelson, Kristen Interpretive Services Program Manager 202-205-1406
Schwartz, Jamie Volunteers & Service Program Specialist 202-205-1589
St. Louis, Diedre Travel Mgmt. & OHV/ORV 202-205-1423
Stephens, Doug Heritage Program Specialist 202-205-1414
Stephens, Jonathan Trails/Congressionally Designated Areas Program Manager 202-205-1701
White, Jim Integrated Business Service Center (IBSC) 520-202-2707
Zeller, Janet Accessibility Program Manager 202-205-9597
Wilderness & Wild and Scenic Rivers Staff
Name Position Phone
Marten, Leanne Director 202-205-0925
Boutcher, Steve WWSR Information Management 802-656-1718
Boyce, Elayne Executive Assistant (Staff Assistant) 202-205-9530
Chase, Shirley (D) Support Services Specialist, Arthur Carhart Interagency Wilderness TC 406-243-4682
Chesterton, Steve (PMF) WWSR Program Specialist 202-205-1398
Myers, Connie (D) Arthur Carhart Interagency Wilderness Training Center Director 406-243-4654
Poser, Elaine (D)

Administrative Specialist, Arthur Carhart Interagency Wilderness TC

Straley, Ken (D) Training Specialist, Arthur Carhart Interagency Wilderness Trg Center 406-243-4630
Welsh, Randy Wild & Scenic Rivers Program Lead 202-205-9333
York, Elwood Wilderness Program Lead 202-205-1228

US Forest Service
Last modified March 28, 2013

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