All structures within an individual development

complex or logical geographical area should relate

within a design “family.” This family of designs

derives from characteristics unique to that

development or area while complementing the

surrounding landscape. We can create harmonious

design by studying the landscape and then

relating the line, form, color, graphics, and

materials of all buildings and structures to an

architectural design theme. We can consistently

apply this design theme to everything from trash

receptacles, water fountains, and fences, to

trails, campgrounds, and visitor centers.


Each element of the built environment contributes

to the identity of a particular place, as well as to

the positive image of the Forest Service as

stewards of the land.


Figure titled: Theme Board for an Individual Development Complex or Geographical Area

Theme/image is identified and the family of site amenities is then developed.

Figure of a building with a foreground landscape buffer with details in the site furniture and other amenities reflecting the architectural character of structure.


Figures of related site amenities that each contribute to the overall built image of that forest.

·       Trellis with vegetation to screen storage tanks

·       Railing on a foot bridge

·       Wooded road gate and fence




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