Once they leave their vehicles, visitors should be

welcomed with convenient, safe, and attractive

walkways and circulation areas:

• Ensure that visitors can safely walk from

vehicles to pathways to destinations.

• If there are curbs, provide curb cuts (and

handrails when necessary) for universal access.

• To prevent visitors from cutting new paths,

create the quickest, shortest walk from the

parking area to the front door or destination.

• Place trash receptacles along the path from

the parking area to the destination.

• Place clear directional signs.

• Screen utility areas.

• Provide attractive lighting when needed.


Figure of Positive Characteristics of a Scenic Overlook

• Scenic vista opens up as one approaches

the overlook

• Facilities & improvements are subordinate

to landscape features

• Buildings have been placed away from views


Figure of Positive Characteristics of a Small Interpretive Site -

Approach signage on Road right-of-way

One way entrance to site with parking

20' minimum parking setback is recommended

Trash at each end of parking lot

Clear path to Views and Interpretive displays




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