The Southeast Mountain Province has strong

potential to use native materials such as

boulders, fieldstone, and rough-hewn logs.

These materials can be skillfully replicated or

suggested with modern manufactured materials.

Durability is a primary concern because of the

high visitation to forest lands. Care must

be taken to provide access to water without

disturbing riparian areas and to orchestrate

and preserve the long vistas of this province.


Figure describes Utilitarian/work center characteristics:

• Adheres to design principles while recognizing economy

• Landscaping provides natural setting and screening


Figure of Public building characteristics:

• Simple roof form

• Simple dormer

• Windows contained by structure

• Massive corners

• Stone base


Figure of Information kiosk characteristics:

• Heavy timbers

• Exposed structure

• Natural materials

• Well-organized graphics


Figure of Work or interpretive center characteristics:

• Clustered structures

• Natural materials SOU

• Bases take up grade

• Exposed structure


Figure of Boardwalk characteristics:

• Structure curves to preserve vegetation

• Minimal site disturbance

• Slender structure mimics vegetation




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