• Maximize natural ventilation.

• Use colors and materials that reflect heat.

• Combine daylighting (natural light for buildings)

with shading through deciduous trees.

• Provide shade on the west and south sides by

planting or preserving trees.

• Integrate shade devices such as shutters,

louvers, overhangs, and screens into building


• Situate buildings so that they catch breezes.

• Use the minimum amount of building materials.

• Minimize air conditioning and mechanical


• Examine the potential of recycling graywater

for irrigation.

• Recharge groundwater by creating permeable

surfaces around buildings; maintain the

historic runoff rates to prevent erosion.

• Consider ground-coupled heat pumps for


• See the “Common Principles” section in the

introduction to this chapter for more

recommendations on sustainability.


Figure of building maximizing Natural ventilation and shading

With Operable windows installed.


Figure of Insulated and ventilated building reducing solar gain


Figure of Ground-coupled heat pump.




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