Welcome to the Built Environment Image Guide.

The built environment includes administrative and

recreation structures, landscape structures, site

furnishings, structures on roads and trails, and

signs installed or operated by the Forest Service,

its cooperators, and its permittees.


The guide intends to improve the image,

aesthetics, sustainability, and overall quality of

Forest Service facilities consistent with the

agency’s role as leaders in land stewardship.


To achieve this aim, the guide:

• Describes an approach to designing recreation

and administrative facilities that highlights

key elements of our agency’s national identity

and image.

• Describes a process to “fit” facilities within

the context of their ecological, physical, and

cultural settings.

• Establishes architectural character types for

eight provinces, covering national forests and

grasslands nationwide.

• Incorporates the principles of sustainability as

an integral part of architectural character.

• Illustrates the role everyone, from project

sponsors, line officers, and designers, to field

staff and technicians, plays in creating and

maintaining a quality facility.




Chapter 1 Table of Contents

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