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Accessibility Guidebook for Outdoor Recreation and Trails

Applying the Forest Service Trails Accessibility Guidelines

The FSTAG Implementation Process Flowchart

FSTAG must be applied before initiating new construction or altering any National Forest System trail with a "Designed Use" of "Hiker/Pedestrian." Figure 147 distills the implementation process into a quick reference that provides easy reference as you work through the process. A detailed FSTAG implementation process flowchart is available in the appendix.

Figure 147—Quick reference for the Forest Service Trail Accessibility Guidelines
implementation process. (For a larger image please click here.)

Before applying FSTAG, you'll need to:

  • Analyze existing conditions, including potential opportunities and constraints (National Environmental Policy Act analysis).

  • Identify and verify the desired Trail Class for the trail or trail segment.

  • Identify and verify the "Designed Use" of the trail or trail segment.

If you have questions about applying any of the above information, please contact your region's recreation accessibility coordinator. Current contact information is available at

Photo of a man walking on a trail and using his cane to search the edge of the trail.