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Accessibility Guidebook for Outdoor Recreation and Trails


During the revision of this document, the authors worked closely with the staff of the U.S. Access Board and would like to thank them for their cooperation. The U.S. Access Board is an independent Federal agency devoted to accessibility for people with disabilities. About 30 employees and a governing board of representatives from Federal Departments and public members appointed by the President have these key responsibilities:

  • Developing and maintaining accessibility requirements for the built environment, transit vehicles, telecommunications equipment, and electronic and information technology

  • Providing technical assistance and training on these guidelines and standards

  • Enforcing accessibility standards for federally funded facilities

The authors deeply appreciate the contributions of the following people who provided advice and information for this updated version:

  • Christopher Douwes, Federal Highway Administration
  • Bill Botten, U.S. Access BoardBill Botten, U.S. Access Board
  • Peter Jensen, Peter S. Jensen Associates, LLC
  • Jaime Schmidt, Forest Service

The authors would like to express their grateful appreciation for the contributions of these individuals and organizations: Forest Service employees Carl R. Bauer, Nancy Brunswick, Jasmine Budrow, Mark Conn, Donna Graham, Barth Hamberg, Maureen Hanson, Dave Hatch, Kay Hopkins, Alison Koopman, Katrina Kuchenbecker, David Kuykendall, Donna Marks, Ann May, Iran Martinez, Douglas Reeves, Jan Spencer, Jim Steward, Ron Vance, Mike VanHorn, Brian Williams, James Wyatt, and Lois Ziemann provided photographs or sketches for this version, as well as Mary Watne, MT; Axess Outdoors, MT,; Jamestown Advanced Products Corporation, NY,; Northeast Passage, NH,; Trac About, Inc., KS,; and Disabled Sports USA, MD,

The authors thank the Missoula Technology and Development Center (MTDC) publications and support staff who created an attractive and easy-to-read report: Geraldine Wolf, Sunni Bradshaw, Claudia Ruple, and Amanda Determan. The authors are grateful for the informative illustrations produced by Deb Mucci.