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Firewood and Other products are not Special Use Permits and are covered under different authorities. Collecting firewood or other products for personal use is available on many National Forests and BLM Units. These activities may require a permit. Contact your local National Forest or BLM office first to see if they offer permits. A few links are provided. Remember, all commercial uses or removal of products on public lands require a permit. Looking for information on Fuel wood, Christmas Tree permits, mushrooms, or other forest products for personal use? Information on the availability, price and application process must be obtained from the National Forest which you desire to obtain the product. The following link will direct you to a map of the United States which displays the general location of all National Forests. By clicking on the green area nearest you, a larger map will appear with the names of the National Forests in black. Click on the name and you will be linked to the web page for that National Forest. Individual National Forest Web Pages will always contain contact information. You may also see highlighted information about fuelwood, Christmas Trees or other special products popular to that area. We hope that these links will help you get the the best source of information in the shortest amount of time.


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