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Linear ROW Fee Schedule - 2008  ID 2709.11-2007-2

36 CFR 251.50 Land Uses; Special Uses Requiring an Authorization

  • Final Rule Effective August 12, 2004
    This final rule clarifies requirements regarding the issuance of special use authorizations for activities involving National Forest System roads and trails.

  • Categorical Exclusions

  • Federal Register, July 6, 2004
    This amendment creates two new catagorical exclusions for the amendment to or replacement of special use authorizations involving administrative changes when no changes are proposed to the authorized facilities and no increase in the intensity or scope of the authorized activities are proposed.
  • FSM 2700 Special Uses Management  Forest Service Manual (FSM) link to WO Directives Website

    Chapter 2710 - Special Use Authorizations

    Amendment 2700-2002-1 effective February 13, 2002. This amendment updates the entire chapter FSM 2710. This is a Word document. The file is 1063KB and 95 printed pages.

    FSH 2709.11 Special Use Handbook Forest Service Handbook (FSH) link to WO Directive Website.

    Chapter 10 - Application & Authorization Processing

    Amendment 2709.11-2002-1 effective February 13, 2002. This amendment established a new chapter. This is a Word document. The file is 558KB and 84 printed pages.

    Proposed National Environmental Policy Act Documentation Needed for Certain Special Use Authorizations       Comments invited by November 19, 2001.

    Cost Recovery webpage under construction
    Ski Fee Q&A, June 4, 2001  Revised 8/28/01 Check out the latest information on Ski Area Fees

    Public Law 106-206, Commercial Filming   Congress recently passed this act. The agencies are now working on implementation direction.

    R-5, Recreation Residence Draft Direction

    Streamline Regs 36 CFR 251 Final Rule 11/30/98   (pdf 184K)


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