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Rangeland Recreation

Recreation signs. Rangelands, especially federally managed rangelands, are drawing the attention of the American public as a place for a multitude of recreational opportunities in what most consider a vast open space. Most rangelands are located at lower elevations and are accessible to more National Forest and Grassland visitors than are mountain and forest areas. Whether it is bird watching, following the Lewis and Clark trail, camping, fishing, hunting, or a Sunday drive, many people look to the rangelands as a place for solitude and enjoyment.

Guided recreational activities are also permitted through outfitter guide permits. These activities include river floating, fly-fishing, and hunting. The guide or outfitters are permitted to provide special services on National Forests and Grasslands to serve the public. The outfitters are required to pay special fees and maintain special insurance.

Along with this opportunity to explore the outdoors, come impacts. Rangelands can and are being impacted by people. Just as livestock impacts riparian areas, people can also impact them if they not managed correctly.

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