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Monitoring Methods

Picture of managers taking a vegetation inventory plot. Currently, only methods for monitoring rangelands at the local level have been developed. These methods include a variety of direct resource sampling, inventory, and remote sensing techniques. Methods outlined in the "Interagency Technical Reference: Sampling Vegetation Attributes", include:

  • Photographs
  • Frequency Methods: Pace Frequency, Quadrat Frequency and Nested Frequency methods
  • Dry Weight Rank Method
  • Daubenmire Method
  • Line Intercept Method
  • Step-Point Method
  • Point-Intercept Method: Sighting Devices, Pin Frames, and Point Frames
  • Cover Board Method
  • Density Method
  • Double-Weight Sampling
  • Harvest Method
  • Comparative Yield Method
  • Visual Obstruction Method: Robel Pole
  • Other Methods
    • Weight Estimate and Ocular Reconnaissance Methods
    • Community Structure Analysis Method
    • Photo Plot Method

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