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Green Ash-Prunus Ecological Type

Prunus = American plum (Prunus americana) and chokecherry (Prunus virginiana) combined.

Adobe PDF IconGreen Ash (.pdf, 03/28/2013, 69K)

  • Page 1. - Introduction: discussion of classification, seral assignment and monitoring.
  • Page 2. - Graph: mean values of plant variables through four seral stages of succession in this ecological type. Smoothed lines connect the means for each key plant variable at each stage. The graph provides a guide for an approximate mixture of variables at each seral stage.
  • Page 3. - Instructions: plot setup and data collection using the Excel spreadsheet below.
  • Page 4. - References.

Microsoft Excel IconGreen Ash (.xls, 03/28/2013, 26K)

This is an Excel workbook containing the datasheet for field data collection. Copy the Excel file to a PDA. The .xls file will be converted to a Pocket Excel file with a .pxl extension. The file contains a spreadsheet with formulas that provide calculations necessary for classification of a site, using the variables defined for this ecological type.


Be careful with the spreadsheet when loaded on a PDA. Although the formulas and cells are protected on the PC version of Excel, protection of spreadsheets/worksheets is not an option on the Pocket version of Excel. It is possible to erase formulas and stop the classification system. Be sure to make changes only within the empty cells, and not in any of the calculation or formula cells such as cov%, probabilities, etc.

In addition, always:

  • Keep a backup copy of the original 'Green Ash.pxl’ file on your PDA and,
  • Save the file under a new name after finishing data collection on each site; e.g., 'Green Ash site1.pxl’, 'Western wheatgrass site2.pxl’, etc.

Data for the Green Ash-Prunus ecological type were collected along drainages of the Missouri River on the Ft. Pierre National Grassland.

Partial funding was provided by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Statistical accuracy for this type is 98%.

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