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Southern Pine Beetle Information System (SPBIS)


  • The Southern Pine beetle Information System (SPBIS) is the computerized database used by the national forests in Region 8 for recording, tracking and evaluating individual infestations, for managing and reporting SPB infestations.
  • SPBIS - Developed late 1970's and resided at the Ft. Collins Computer Center.
  • SPBIS - January 1983 - Revised and placed on Apple II computers at the Districts.
  • SPBIS - 1988 - Revised for Forest Service Data General computers.
  • SPBIS 2.0 - January, 1999 - Designed to run on IBM RISC 6000 computers using Oracle database management and Oracle forms.
  • SPBIS 2.1- December, 1999 - Moved SPBIS forms from Exceed to the PC.
  • SPBIS 3.0 - March, 2002 - Designed to run on Windows 95 and Windows 2000.
  • SPBIS 4.0 - July, 2003 - Fundamental changes to the program and ORACLE view.

Project Highlights

  • SPBIS is a Ranger District based system for the storage and retrieval of information about the location, size and status of individual SPB infestations, scheduled activities, and accomplishments.
  • SPBIS 5.0 - 2004 Included a complete reprogramming of the status report, additional validation routines, and increased functionality.
  • SPBIS is a component of the overall Timber Management Information System (TMIS).
  • Records from previous years are maintained by FPM and have been utilized to document historic beetle activity trends/patterns, as well as, the effectiveness of SPB suppression.
  • The data has been used to support Forest Plan revision and implementation.


  • Regional Office, all Forest Supervisor Offices, and 85 Ranger Districts in R8
  • Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team (FHTET)
  • Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.


  • FHP - R8, FHTET, and STDP have funded updates, maintenance, and revisions of SPBIS and development of the PDR application

Technology and Skills

  • Written in Visual Basic Code, Oracle Tables, Adobe PDF and SQL queries
  • Uses Oracle Relational Database Access Method
  • SPBIS resides on IBM PCs at each Ranger District and Forest Supervisor's Office
  • SPBIS is menu driven and provides data entry forms with error checking
  • The SPBIS database holds data for R8 Districts.
  • FHP provides assistance and training to District and SO personnel.
  • SPBIS is compatible with FSVeg
  • The Southern pine beetle status report is posted to the Corporate Database Warehouse.
  • The Southern pine beetle status report is available on the R8 website.
  • A PDR application for SPBIS data collection is available for field use.

FHP Staff

  • Entomologists are responsible for utilizing SPBIS for their area of responsibility.
  • Computer Specialist installs and maintains Regional SPBIS programs and tables.
  • Computer Specialist maintains the integrity of the SPBIS database.
  • Computer Specialist provides installation, training and assistance to Forest and District users.
  • Computer Specialist reports database problems and requests assistance from the FHTET.
  • Computer Specialist develops specialized reports from SPBIS for RO and WO.

Conclusions/Future Direction

  • Periodic SPBIS training will be required at the District level due to turnover in District personnel, SPBIS revisions, and cyclic nature of SPB activity.
  • Erroneous status reports from earlier versions has resulted in neglect of SPBIS on various Districts that needs to be addressed/overcome.


FHP Contact:

Valli Peacher
Forest Service-USDA
2500 Shreveport Hwy.
Pineville, LA 71360
Phone: 318-473-7287


SPBIS Status Reports





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