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Laurel Wilt



A species of Raffaelea has been shown to be the cause of a vascular wilt disease known as laurel wilt, a severe disease on redbay ( Persea borbonia ) and other members of the Lauraceae in the Atlantic coastal plains of the southeastern USA . The pathogen is likely native to Asia and probably was introduced to the USA in the mycangia of the exotic redbay ambrosia beetle, Xyleborus glabratus . Analyses of rDNA sequences indicate that the pathogen is most closely related to other ambrosia beetle symbionts in the monophyletic genus Raffaelea in the Ophiostomatales . The asexual genus Raffaelea includes Ophiostoma-like symbionts of xylem-feeding ambrosia beetles, and the laurel wilt pathogen has been named Raffaelea lauricola sp. nov. (Harrington et al. 2008).


Colonies of Raffaelea lauricola growing from diseased wood chips in culture (A), and conidia and conidiophores under magnification (B). Photos by T.S. Schubert , Florida DACS Division of Plant Industry (A) and S.W. Freadrich, USDA Forest Service (B).




Additional Information

  • The Laurel Wilt and Other Ambrosia Fungi, Similarities to the Dutch Elm Disease Cycle, and Management Implications - Thomas C. Harrington, ISU, 1/19/2007 (Slideshow, 1.9 MB)


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