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The Health of Southern Forests, USDA Forest Service, Forest Health Protection, Southern Region

Appendix B. Addresses of Southern Region Forest Health Offices and Southern State Forestry Agencies

Note: Agencies with an asterisk (*) have separate zip codes for mail (usually P.O. boxes) and shipping. Appropriate codes are shown in parenthesis. For example, South Carolina Commission of Forestry* is interpreted as follows:

Andy Boone
South Carolina Commission of Forestry
P. O. Box 21707 Columbia, SC 29221

5500 Broad River Road
Columbia, SC 29210

Southern Region
State Agencies ( AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA MS, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA )
Other Forestry Agencies ( Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands )

Southern Region Offices

USDA Forest Service
Forest Health Protection
1720 Peachtree Road, NW
Atlanta, GA 30367-9102

USDA Forest Service*
Forest Health Protection
P.O. Box 2680 (28802)
200 W. T. Weaver Blvd. (28804)
Asheville, NC 

USDA Forest Service
Forest Health Protection
2500 Shreveport Highway
Pineville, LA 71360

State Agencies

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Jim Hyland
Alabama Forestry Commission*	
513 Madison Avenue (36130-0601)
P.O. Box 302550 (36130-2250)
Montgomery, AL


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Jim Northrum
Arkansas Forestry Commission
3821 West Roosevelt Road
Little Rock, AR 72204-6396


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Ed Barnard
Florida Division of Forestry
P.O. Box 14710
Gainesville, FL  32614-7100


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Terry Price
Georgia Forestry Commission
P.O. Box 819
Macon, GA 31298-4599


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Sara Sanders
Kentucky Division of Forestry
627 Comanche Trail
Frankfort, KY 40601-1798


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Don Feduccia/Rich Goyer
Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry*
P.O. Box 1628 (70821)
5825 Florida Boulevard, Suite 1068 (70806)
Baton Rouge, LA 


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Bill Lambert/Evan Nebeker
Mississippi Forestry Commission
301 North Lamar Street, Suite 300
Jackson, MS 39201

North Carolina

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Don Rogers
North Carolina Division of Forest Resources*
Box 27687 (27611)
512 North Salisbury Street (27604)
Raleigh, NC 


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Pat McDowell
Forestry Services
Oklahoma Department of Agriculture
2800 North Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

South Carolina

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Andy Boone
South Carolina Commission of Forestry*
P.O. Box 21707 (29221)
5500 Broad River Road (29210)
Columbia, SC


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Bruce Kauffman
Tennessee Department of Agriculture
Division of Plant Industries
Box 40627 Melrose Station
Nashville, TN 37204-4062


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Ron Billings/Joe Pase/Don Grosman
Texas Forest Service
Forest Pest Control
Lufkin, TX  75902-0310


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Tim Tigner
Virginia Division of Forestry
P. O. Box 3758
McCormick and Alderman Roads
900 Natural Resources Drive
Charlottesville, VA 22903-0578

Other Forestry Agencies

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Puerto Rico

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Forest Service, Puerto Rico
Department of Natural Resources
P.O. Box 5887
Puerta De Tierra
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00906

U.S. Virgin Islands

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Virgin Islands Forestry Program
Estate Lower Love
Kingshill, St. Croix 
U.S. Virgin Islands 00850