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The Health of Southern Forests, USDA Forest Service, Forest Health Protection, Southern Region

William H. Hoffard, Entomologist, USDA Forest Service, Asheville, NC
Donald H. Marx, Chief Plant Pathologist, Emeritus Scientist, USDA
Forest Service, Athens, GA
H.Daniel Brown, Staff Pathologist, USDA Forest Service, Atlanta, GA


The following contributed information or professional services to this publication:

USDA Forest Service

Bob Anderson, Pat Barry, Beth Brantley, Ginger Brown, Bill Carothers, Barney Clegg, Noel Cost, Phil Croll, Anthony Elledge, Roberta Fitzgibbon, Ken Forbus, John Ghent, Nolan Hess, John Knighten, Donna Leonard, Kim Ludovici, Wes Nettleton, Steve Oak, Forrest Oliveria, Jim Paul, Rusty Rhea, Bill Sites, Dale Starkey, Carol Wells, Ed Yockey

Cooperating Southern State Forestry Agencies

Jim Hyland, Alabama Forestry Commission; Jim Northrum, Arkansas Forestry Commission; Ed Barnard, Florida Division of Forestry; Terry Price, Georgia Forestry Commission; Sara Sanders , Kentucky Division of Forestry; Rich Goyer, Louisiana Forestry Commission; Don Feduccia, Louisiana Forestry Commission; Bill Lambert, Mississippi Forestry Commission; Evan Nebeker, Mississippi Forestry Commission; Don Rogers, North Carolina Forest Service; Patrick McDowell, Oklahoma Department of Agriculture - Forestry Service; Andy Boone, South Carolina Forestry Commission; Bruce Kauffman, Tennessee Division of Forestry; Ron Billings, Texas Forest Service; H.A. "Joe" Pase III, Texas Forest Service; Gene Gehring, Texas Forest Service; Tim Tigner, Virginia Division of Forestry;

Private Sector

Al LeFohn, Lefohn and Associates, Helena, Montana
Martha Chambliss, MWC Editorial Services, Atlanta, Georgia
Barry Dodd, Graphic Design, Atlanta, Georgia

Contacts for Additional Information

Information concerning the availability of the GIS database described in this publication can be obtained from:

USDA Forest Service
Forest Health Protection
1720 Peachtree Rd., NW, Room 862N
Atlanta, GA 30367

For information and reports about the Forest Health Monitoring on-frame network, contact:

National FHM Director
USDA Forest Service
Forest Health Protection
PO Box 96090
Washington DC 20090-6090