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Forest Health Highlights - 2000


The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Forestry Services provides forest health protection assistance to state and private land managers within the State.  The State and the USDA Forest Service Forest Health Protection unit fund this program cooperatively.

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The Oklahoma Forestry Services and USDA Forest Service

In spite of the relatively good health of Oklahoma’s forests, a variety of insects and diseases (both native and introduced), and human-caused impacts such as air pollution, continue to threaten the State’s resources.  To deal with this constantly changing mix of challenges, the Oklahoma Forestry Services and the Forest Health Protection unit of the USDA Forest Service cooperate to prevent, detect, suppress and manage this multitude of threats.  The partnership between the two agencies has worked for three decades to maintain and improve the health of Oklahoma’s forests. 

Forest Health Protection’s contributions (dollars) to the Oklahoma Forestry Services’ Cooperative Forest Health Program, 1998-2001.






Cooperative Forest Health Program






For additional information, contact:

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture
Forestry Services
2800 N Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

(405) 521-3864


USDA Forest Service
Forest Health Protection

2500 Shreveport Highway
Pineville, LA 71360

(318) 473-7286
email: Alexandria Field Office