Regional Forester/Forest Supervisor Appeal Decisions
Decisions Signed in FY 2009

George Washington & Jefferson National Forest

1. Dismissal of Appeal 08-08-08-0042 of District Ranger Elwood Burge's July 28, 2008, Decision Memo categorically excluding Elkhorn Mountain, Grindstone Mountain, North River and Spruce Ridge prescribed burns from environmental review, dated October 21, 2008.

2.  Appeal 09-08-08-0012 of Area Ranger Elizabeth W. Merz's November 19, 2008, Decison for the Fry Hill Vegetation Management Project in Compartment 4907 on the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area, dated February 18, 2009.

3.  Dismissal of Appeal 09-08-08-0018 of Forest Supervisor Maureen T. Hyzer's February 6, 2009, Decision for the 2009 Gypsy Moth Suppression Project on the Lee, North River, Eastern Divide and James River Ranger Districts, dated March 26, 2009.

4.  Dismissal of Appeal 09-08-08-0021 of District Ranger Gerry Jackson's March 27, 2009, Decision for the Jackson Grouse II Project on the James River District, dated June 1, 2009.