Regional Forester/Forest Supervisor Appeal Decisions
Decisions signed in FY 2005

National Forests in Mississippi

1.  Dismissal of Appeal 05-08-07-0013 of District Ranger Melinda Mosser's February 13, 2005, decision for the Chilli Lake Analysis Area Project on the Holly Springs District dated March 1, 2005.

2.  Appeal 05-08-07-0026 of Acting District Ranger Ronald A. Smith's April 5, 2005, decision for the Airey Lookout Vegetation Management project on the DeSoto District, DeSoto National Forest dated June 30, 2005.

3. Dismissal of Appeal 05-08-07-0034 of District Ranger Timothy O. Reed's May 3, 2005, decision for Analysis Unit 5 on the Homochitto Ranger District dated August 4, 2005.