If you would like more information about Community Assistance Grants community groups, FIREWISE programs, or reducing fire risk, please contact an agency representative.

Forest Service & Bureau of Land Management

Barbara Kennedy, bkennedy@fs.fed.us, (503)808-2323

Lauren Maloney, lauren_maloney@or.blm.gov, (503)808-6587

Fish & Wildlife Service

Rico George, rico_george@fws.gov, (503)703-5949

National Park Service

Bob Appling, bob_appling@nps.gov, (360)696-7540

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Len Diaz, Leonard.Diaz@bia.gov, (503)231-6806

Oregon Department of Forestry

Mary Helen Smith, msmith@odf.state.or.us, (503)945-7341

Washington Department of Natural Resources

Mark Gray, mark.gray@wadnr.gov, (360)902-1754