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Blue Mountains Data is the area of the Malheur, Umatilla, and Wallowa Whitman National Forests combined into one data set that covers all of 3 forests. The Blue Mountains is also known as CSA4 in Region 6.

Data files served on this site are Shape Files, MrSid Images, and KMZ Files. The Shape Files are Zipped together and links to the files are provided under the Shapefile/Dataset Description Column. Projection is a local Albers projection defined for the Area of Oregon and Washington in R6 of the USDA-FS, NAD83, units are in meters.
Users can use a zip utility such as WinZip to expand files.

For KMZ Files the current version of Google Earth is recommended for proper function and display.

Associated Tables are zipped comma delimited text files, MS Access Databases, or DBF files.

The Metadata will explain the geographic information about the data set, who the data steward is, how the data set was built, and other associated information. It will also describe the database tables that are associated with the data set. Please contact the data steward if you have questions about the content of the data. Their phone number is included within the data dictionary.

Contact (541) 278-3976 for questions about this web page.


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