Developed Recreation Sites - GIS Data


Theme: Developed Recreation Sites
Dataset name: rec_site_pt
Feature Type: point
Geographic Extent: Forest-wide
Source Scale: 1:24,000
Projection: UTM Zone 10, NAD27
Accuracy Code: 3
Update Frequency: ADD FREQUENCY
Date Last Updated: May 2003??
Description: This theme contains points identifying general location of many of the developed recreation sites which exist on the Forest or that are maintained by the Forest Service. The sites include but are not limited to campgrounds, trailheads, observation viewpoints and other areas of scenic or special interest. The point locations are general locations since most sites encompass an area of land rather than a specific point. The areas of land (polygons) are not completely mapped at this time, but some can be found on the vegetation layer linked to the TRI/ORACLE database.


In April, 1993 points were map manuscripted by District recreation representatives using a variety of documentation including a listing from the RRIS database of the sites, orthophotos, PBS quad maps, and locational source maps and/or road, trail, stream overlays. The points were manuscripted on film overlays on the orthophoto base layer. In addition, one of three quad positive base layers were used, depending on what was available and most recent. The quad base layers, listed in increasing age, include: The Primary Base Series layers (the contour layer and the base layer), the USGS Provisional edition quad map, or the Transportation System Update layer.

These sites are also tracked in the ORACLE Infrastructure (INFRA) database (previously the RRIS database). The sites may be linked by the INFRA REC_SITE_CN ?? code.

This theme does not include all developed recreation sites that currently exist and some sites on this theme may not actually exist. Generally, discrepancies exist between this theme and the records in the INFRA database since this theme was originated in 1993 and has not been updated since then.


The base layers to which the data layer is geo-referenced are formatted 1:24,000-scale, 7.5-minute orthophoto quadrangles from 1989 high altitude photography (1:40,000 scale). The additional 7.5-minute quad base maps used in manuscripting were also 1:24,000 scale.


Point Items
Standard Point Items
REC_SITE_CN - Recreation site control number (primary key for INFRA linkage)??
REC_SITE_ID - Recreation site ID number??

Point Attribute Information

Item Name: REC_SITE_CN
Description: Recreation site control number (primary key for INFRA linkage)??
Data Type - Character
Width - 34
Output - 34
Whole numbers from 5000 to 5373 - Primary key to link to INFRA data table
Item Name: REC_SITE_ID
Description: Recreation site ID number??
Data Type - Character
Width - 15
Output - 15
Whole numbers from 12953 to 99827; one "PS" - ADD DESCRIPTION OF VALUE