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Theme: EUI, Ecological Unit Inventory
Place: Fremont-Winema National Forest

EUI, Terrestrial Ecological Unit Inventory within the Winema National Forest

Provide integrated resource information needed to manage the Forest Landscape.  The inventory provides mpas and describes the kind, pattern, and proportionate extent of ecological types that occur in the map units.  The map units and ecological types are conceptualized by synthesis of landscape features and processes, and study of relationships of the soil, landform, lithology, plant communities, and climate to each other.  The inventory collects information on the properties of individual resources and uses that information to characterize each resource and support interpretations for management activities.

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Contact Jim Dorr, Soil Scientist, Fremont-Winema NF for interim report
e-mail: jfdorr@fs.fed.us
Suvey data as of November 2007


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