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Theme: Recreation, Campsite
Place: Pacific Northwest Region, Oregon, Washington, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

The RecreationSitePoint feature class depicts developed recreation sites that are too small to be represented as areas at 1:24,000. This feature class meets USDA Forest Service National GIS Data Dictionary Standards.

Corporate data contained within the RecreationSitePoint feature class is intended for spatial display and analysis purposes. The developed recreation sites are stored in three feature classes. RecreationSiteLine represents recreation sites which can be represented by line features, RecreationSitePoint represents recreation sites so small they are displayed as points, and RecreationSitePolygon represents recreation sites large enough to be represented by area features. Any type of recreation site may be contained in the feature classes but any given recreation site must be contained in only one of the three feature classes. Recreation sites are grouped hierarchically as defined in the associated Infra Oracle tables. For example, a campground may be composed of many loops, which may be composed of many campsites. The campground may also include other facilities such as boating areas and picnic grounds. Campgrounds may be grouped into complexes. There are four levels to this hierarchy but not all levels are necessarily used for any given site and some recreation subtypes may occur at more than one level of the hierarchy, depending on which other recreation sites they are associated with on the ground.

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