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Theme: Land Use Designations, CRGNSA Zoning, Land Use Planning
Place: Pacific Northwest Region, Oregon, Washington, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Land Use Designations.   Updated with 8o. Exterior boundary updated with the May 2007 updated NSA exterior boundary.  Resulted in some small polygons where the old boundary GIS did not capture. Requires a planner to look at and approve - process started late 2007, unknown completion date.  Other areas that require FS and planner verification have been brough to the attention of GC and FS early 2007. Updated June 30th by fixing odd or incorrect attributes.    Zoned as GMA but managed as SMA?  If the forest service purchases land that has gone GMA, they will manage like SMA.  If a private owner has land in the SMA that goes GMA, it is managed GMA.  Last updated 11.09.2009 with Congressional 2000 and Plan Review 2004 changes.

General boundaries of NSA land use zoning.   Exact boundaries must be verified by county or commission planners.


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